Tran Luong Khiem

A normal person

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You can call him: Khiem.

Khiem has more than 5 years experience on software development. He has graduated the Master of Security and Cloud Computing from Aalto University. Currently, he likes to join works on developing security services like authentication services, anything that helps to secure software products.

He likes to learn new things from books. He loves to read random books in Calibre and random pages in each book. He uses Foxit Reader to highlight, underline, squiggly underline and note on everywhere he feels doubted, surprised or a good statement.

He likes to work on simple side projects with ideas appearing coincidentally in his daily life. Therefore, maybe a sudden moment would bring him an idea in his noting system.

He likes networking, increasing computation powers with distributed systems. He likes to utilize as much as possible latest technologies to speed up all the works with big tools like AI, Quantum computer, VR, AR, etc till real programs like VSCode, Freemind, SSH, etc. The inspiration is from a Newton's quote:

Standing on the shoulders of giants

He is not a skillful engineer, but he's on the way to become a better one. It will be greate if this CV helps him to have a job.

NB: taluk ~ taluko ~ (Naruto + Tran Luong Khiem). Naruto is a good guy who also has an infinite energy in doing great things.